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Eric "Superman" Sturgess

Eric “Superman” Sturgess has the world’s most extensive collection of prison art, paños, and inmate-manufactured weapons. He has been collecting these artifacts for almost two decades. Eric is the author of several books on these subjects that display parts of his collections. He maintains strong relationships with convicts in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and chats with them daily via phone calls and texts.

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Prison Paños II

Eric enjoys blessing them with quarterly packages and helping them get a Cadillac draw from the canteen every month after they send him their artwork.  It isn’t just a business relationship he has with these men in California’s prisons. He has become close friends with several of them, and they would echo these sentiments. His good friend Isaac Morquecho says, “I appreciate someone interested in what we do and our talent. We’re not just gang members and criminals. We’re individuals with a heart and a story to tell. We’re human, and we’re worthy of second chances.”

This book contains the top 50 paños from the world’s most extensive collection of prison paños. Paños are intricate works of art drawn on linen, handkerchiefs, and bandannas. These artists are exceptionally skilled, and it takes years to master this art form. They take great pride in these creations because they put their heart and soul into them. 

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