Inmate Artists

If you want to donate your paños to my one-of-a-kind collection, I would greatly appreciate that. I have never sold a paño, nor will I. If you choose to sell them to me, I will buy your paños for a reasonable price. My name is good behind those prison walls as someone who keeps his word and pays generously for artwork. Over the past several months, I have done business with inmates in several CDCR prisons.  

I have the largest and best paños collection in the world. Your art will speak to thousands of people through my books and website. Your craft has something to say to the world, and I want to be the one to deliver that unique message. You can inspire a young person to do the right thing and turn their life around. Don’t miss out on that great responsibility to be the inspiration that someone needs to hear about.  

God bless you, Eric.

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Prison Paños
P.O Box 186
Floresville, Texas 78114

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