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Prison Paños: Ink On Cloth

Featuring the top 50 paños from the world’s largest private paño collection owned by Eric “Superman” Sturgess.

World's Largest Private Collection Of
Prison Paños

About The Collection

Over the course of 15 years, Eric “Superman” Sturgess, a dedicated art collector, has amassed a remarkable collection of over 500 intricate and unique prison paños. These pieces of art are created by inmate artists who are currently serving time within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Eric maintains regular communication with these artists and purchases their paños at a mutually agreed-upon price, compensating by depositing funds into their trust accounts. The inmates then send the paños to Eric by mail, directly from prison.

Featured Paños

About The Book

Discover the captivating world of paños through the exceptional book, Prison Paños: Ink On Cloth. This book features a remarkable collection curated by Eric “Superman” Sturgess, boasting the largest private assembly of its kind. Inmate artists have created intricate and captivating designs using basic materials, such as fabric and ink. By immersing yourself in the pages of this book, you can gain a deeper understanding of the artistry, creativity, and cultural significance of paños, while also gaining valuable insight into the prison experience.

Top 50 Paños

This book contains the top 50 paños from the world’s most extensive collection of prison paños. Paños are intricate works of art drawn on linen, handkerchiefs, and bandannas. These artists are exceptionally skilled, and it takes years to master this art form. They take great pride in these creations because they put their heart and soul into them. 

Giving Back

Over the past several months, I have given tens of thousands of dollars to inmates in the CDCR and their family members for their artistic creations. The inmates choose how I pay them; some like money deposited into their trust account. Others request I give money directly to their family members via Cash App, Zelle, or PayPal. Some want me to buy them a quarterly or special package, and they send me a list of the items they need.

I have also written letters of support for resentencing and parole board hearings for some of my friends currently incarcerated in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. I do everything I can to help get them released, and letters of support are a valuable tool in that process.

God bless you,
Eric “Superman” Sturgess
Psalm 91

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